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Ship and Offshore Project Brokerage

DanUni Marine & Offshore A/S, based on the past 20 years of business experiences, has set up marketing, sales and service system through its 11 subsidiaries and distributors in Europe, Asia and North America. 

We focus business as broker on global new marine and offshore projects. We have cooperated with shipowners, oil and gas companies, investors, financial institutes, shipyards, designers, naval architects as well as class authorities for new marine and offshore projects.   

We are professional provider of integrated services and very experienced in project management, technical and business consultancy, financial services and commercial services for new projects on various types of vessels and offshore projects. We offer our experiences to our clients and customers, and we play a vital intermediary role among investors, shipowners, financial institutes, shipyards, designers, etc.    

We offer financial support from cooperative financial institutes and shipyards to project owners. We help project owners make early evaluation of projects and make shipowners, financial institutes, shipyards as well as other relative partners acquire a better optional solution. By working together with all of these cooperators, we add more value for our clients. 

We have established our sole-owned foreign enterprise in Shanghai of China. In the center for shipping and finance of China, we provide our expert consultancy and management for new projects, by assisting our clients to develop their business through our experiences and networks. 

In offshore projects, our business includes sale, purchase, chartering and consultancy of offshore support vessels, production support vessels, drilling units, rigs, etc.  

We provide the following services:  

1. We make early evaluation for intending projects for shipowners, investors and shipyards in design, finance, etc and give advices to them in preliminary contract negotiations.

2. We provide attractive financial sources with lower lending rates, in cooperation with shipyards and financial institutes in order to assist investors and shipowners in new building projects.Our financial service includes commercial banking, brokerage services, trust services, finance leasing, fund management and insurance.  
3. We recommend qualified shipyards with good quality system and competitive prices to shipowners.  


4. We recommend projected shipowners to qualified shipyards.  

5. Based on information for new building projects from owners, we work on proposal design, basic design, detailed design, productive design as well as design of a part of marine equipment. We provide options of preliminary design together with shipyard and designers for shipowner’s choices.  

6. We are also a technical service provider to offshore projects with expert consultancy, management, site supervision, technical service, etc for new buildings. We have own local staff with good educational background and high standard for offshore building projects. We add benefits and value to our operated projects by providing site management.  

In the past years our team has experienced in a number of advanced offshore projects and complex rig projects in China.  

We provide full range of service to initiate, run and reach a successful project in China.