Remote Control Valve System
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Remote Control Valve System

From:DanUni   Time:2012-8-20 13:18:23

Origin:   Germany

The products from Cramer Systemtechnik GmbH provide excellence in the marine business for valve remote control and tank level measuring systems, having forcus on shipyards and manufacturers of ballast, bilge and cargo systems and providing worldwide service for the shipowners.


Equipment for:
Container vessels
Oil, chemical and gas tankers
Bulk carriers
Multi-prupose vessels
Heavy lifters


Mainly consisting of:
Valves with pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or electric actuators
Bubble-type or electronic tank level sensors
Tank temperature and pump pressure sensors
Pilot valve and control cabinets
Hydraulic power units

Computerized or hardware based control stations for:
Valve operation / indication
Tank level measurement / indication
Optional anti-heeling control incl. anti-heeling pumps
Loading computers


Remote control valve and tank level measurement system:
Based on the experience of more than 25 years in shipbuilding we are able to supply the most suitable solution for valves, actuatoer, control and operating systems. All components are designed, selected and combined acc. to the application. 


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