Plate Heat Exchanger
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Plate Heat Exchanger

From:DanUni   Time:2012-8-20 10:55:05



    Shanghai,China (Origin of technology from Denmark)


    Structure and Characteristic of Plate Heat Exchanger

    Gasketed plate heat exchanger, compose of a series of corrugation plates, which is
by complete gasket, tightened together by tie rod. The metal plates with hoes for 
    two heat transfer fluid through. The plate and gasket material, size, quantity, etc are 
    determined by the medium flowrate, physical properties, pressure drop and temperature.
    Optimization by mixing corrugated plates can improve heat transfer efficacy, optimize
    pressure drop, require less heat transfer area which results in lower cost.


                 Standard Material
                 Frame plate:         Mild steel (Epoxy painted)
                 Flange:                 Carbon steel
                 Plates material:     Stainless steel AISI 304,  316L TA1, Titanium  palladium, Nickel
                 Gasket material:    NBR, FPDM, Butyl,   Viton(TP), Viton(FPM)

                 Our product feature
                 a. Efficient heat transfer
                 b. High temperature gasket
                 c. Suitable for seawater, oil, steam, chemicals and so on
                 d. Compact and robust design
                 e. Plate can be added or removed

                 Easy to open up for inspection and cleaning,
                 small hold-up volume gives quick response at changing load conditions

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